TJ BothaSpangenberg Incorporated
Your LEADING choice in Accounting Solutions

TJ BothaSpangenberg Incorporated is a leading Registered Auditing and Accounting Solutions Provider

TJBothaSpangenberg Incorporated was founded to enhance the reliability of information prepared by clients for use by investors, banks, creditors and other stakeholders. We offer pro-active, innovative, professional and fit-for-purpose financial services in the context of a fast changing modern society. At TJBothaSpangenberg Incorporated we specialize in auditing and accounting, tax advice and planning, estate planning, secretarial services as well as various other services.  

 Our Principles 

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 Customer First

With the customer as our primary focus we strive to provide the level of service you expect.  We appreciate what matters to you and help guide you toward the variables that drive this.

Highest Standards

As professionals we ensure all work is done according the the best available frameworks and professional guidance.  We insist on the best for our own business and our clients.

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We use the best tools available to deliver the best solution possible.  Automation and the right technology save time and money.  We test, implement, and utilise these systems across a spectrum of industries.