Whether you realise it or not, you are thinking: Why should TJBothaSpangenberg be the ones to prepare my individual tax return? Why should I choose them instead of a different company that could very well be cheaper and at a closer location?

The answers are:

1. Our knowledge is second to none and we are specialists in our field, so we are abreast of any changes in legislation and are much more aware of any new deductions you may be entitled to.
2. We are able to help you understand tax laws and how they apply to your situation.
We have a dedicated team of individual tax return preparers who are registered tax agents, university qualified and Chartered Accountants.
3. Available all year round to answer your taxation queries and not just at tax time.
We are a 100% South African owned and operated company, so by choosing us you are supporting the South African economy.
4. We do not concentrate on simply getting you in and out the door. Instead we take the time to ensure you are able to claim every possible deduction.
We possess the facilities to be able to complete your job without you ever having to come into the office.

We are experts in the preparation and lodgement of income tax returns for all types of entities including:

• Individuals
• Testamentary Trusts
• Deceased Estates